The system is designed for remote collection of gaming machines of all types connected to a local network through any of the Proxima-3 jackpot systems. This allows managers to track easily the financial condition of the gaming hall, ease the work of the staff, and reduce the risk of mistakes.


  • Preparation of daily and monthly reports according to the requirements of the State Commission on Gambling (SCG);
  • Remote collection, collection and processing of statistical information for gaming machines of all types via the Internet:
    • automatic reporting of SAS connected slot machines;
    • manually counting gaming machines without SAS;
  • Checking the amount of banknotes in gaming machines;
  • Preparation of other reports:
    • for completing the shift of the croupier;
    • other reports according to the user’s individual requirements;
  • View and print the reports;
  • Configuration and monitoring of gaming machines and their counters (IN, OUT, BILLS, BET, WIN, GAMES);
  • Separating gaming machines into groups;


  • Statistical processing of information from gaming machines;
  • Preparation of graphics for individual machines or groups of machines:
    • different parameters (IN, OUT, BILLS, BET, WIN, GAMES);
    • results (IN – OUT);
    • payout percentage (WIN / BET)
    • аverage bet (BET / GAMES)
  • Viewing and printing of statistics;