Presentation of the new cabinets Phoenix 914-1, 914-2 and 915-1 on BEGE Expo 2014

The three new models of the company were presented at the exhibition BEGE Expo 2014 in November in Sofia. Visitors to the exhibition got acquainted with the two upright cabinets Phoenix 914-1 and 914-2 and slant cabinet 915-1 of Proxima-3. The models were well received by viewers. As a prototype for the future development of the company, the three machines attracted the attention of prospective business partners and customers in the gaming industry. The larger and more attractively illuminated model Phoenix 914-2 was significantly preferred by both upright models. He expected to account for more sales of Phoenix 914-1. Whether this will be confirmed only time will tell.

The new cabinets are expected to be well received by customers and to integrate into the gaming halls in combination with innovative new jackpot systems produced by the company.