Options to choose between 32” (vertical) and 27“(horizontal) touchscreen monitors Rotating adjustable monitor arm Deluxe leather automatic recliner High quality sound system Wireless start button Bill acceptor: JCM, MEIEasy maintenance SAS 6.02 Protoco Glaming platform: EAGLE® II One of our latest products is the one of a kind VIP Gaming Terminal which comes with two Read more about VIP TERMINAL®[…]

Play Max ALL IN®

We at Proxima-3 are proud to present our new multigame “PLAY MAX: ALL IN”. It combines a total of over 80 games with new ones being developed every month featuring both classic and modern themes and game mechanics. This unique compilation of games includes slots with different types of bonuses and volatility as well as Read more about Play Max ALL IN®[…]

Led Display Panel®

Four-sided, LED jackpot panel. Attractive animations traversing all sides of the panel. High quality stereo sound system. Easy installation and maintenance. Available in two sizes and three colour themes.


We present to your attention our latest Griffin 32 cabinet equipped with 27-inch monitors, keyboard with dynamic touch display, electromechanical buttons and running on the latest EAGLE II platform. The model captures the attention with its current look, modern and elegant design. It is equipped with a high-quality audio system. For the convenience of customers, Read more about PRESENTATION OF THE NEW CABINETS GRIFFIN 32®[…]

Proxima-3 at BEGE 2018

In this year’s edition of BEGE Expo PROXIMA-3 was honored with a diploma for Encouraging Product Development during the official award ceremony of the exhibition.

Presentation of new products at BEGE 2018

BEGE 2018: the annual leading event in the gaming industry for Eastern and Central European region will take place from 21st to 22nd of November at Inter Expo Center, Sofia.