Mystery Fever IV

The multifunctional jackpot system Mystery Fever IV is one of the company’s most desired products. A version of it (MFJS-900) received an award for the most innovative jackpot system concept at the BEGE EXPO in 2010.

This system is capable of connecting our gaming machines as well as those made by other manufacturers in a local network.

In order to win a “Mystery Jackpot”, the player must go through two stages called “Competition” and “Duel”. All players take part in the “Competition” stage. At the end two players are chosen to move on to the next stage – the “Duel”. The winner of the second stage receives the “Mystery Jackpot” while the rest of the players receive consolation prizes.


  • number of supported machines – up to 32;
  • number of supported Progressive jackpots – up to 32;
  • number of supported Mystery jackpots – up to 8;
  • number of supported Mystery in mode “Fever” – up to 4;
  • triggering by value – one interval;
  • triggering by time – two periods;
  • Bet Limit set up – individual for each Mystery jackpot;
  • machine activity time out set up;
  • option – Consolation prize with two different modes;
  • option – excluding the additional stages;
  • total deduction value – up to 12% (for Bulgaria – up to 5%);
  • changing the Mystery jackpot;
  • option – advertising video clip;
  • statistics of all jackpot events;
  • Compatible with all software and gaming machines produced by Proxima-3 and other manufacturers (Requires the support of the SAS protocol);
  • supports ASAS-RG/PT;
  • certificates: BIM /Bulgarian Institute of Metrology/;