Mystery Day III

Mystery Day III is capable of connecting our gaming machines as well as those made by other manufacturers in a local network.

Once the Mystery Jackpot has been activated, the players enter into a competition against each-other. More than one jackpot can be played for at once. The system automatically eliminates from the competition those machines which have not sent out a bet in a predetermined period of time.

Once one of the jackpots is triggered, the winner is chosen at random while the other players receive a consolation prize. The competition goes on until all active jackpots have been won.


  • number of supported machines – up to 64;
  • number of supported Progressive jackpots – up to 32;
  • number of supported Mystery jackpots – up to 3;
  • triggering by value – one interval;
  • triggering by time – two periods;
  • Bet Limit set up – common for all Mystery jackpots;
  • machine activity time out set up;
  • option – Consolation prize;
  • total deduction value – up to 12% (for Bulgaria – up to 5%);
  • changing the Mystery jackpot;
  • option – advertising video clip;
  • statistics of all jackpot events;
  • Compatible with all software and gaming machines produced by Proxima-3 and other manufacturers (Requires the support of the SAS protocol)
  • certificates: BIM /Bulgarian Institute of Metrology/;