Easy Money

The EASY MONEY jackpot system was designed to exclusively connect gaming machines made by Proxima-3 in a local network.

One of the signature traits of EASY MONEY is the option to simultaneously run all Mystery Jackpot systems with a greater deduction rate of the bets compared to other jackpot systems. This allows for more frequent Mystery jackpot wins.

Only machines which send out a bet higher than the minimum will be admitted.

The winner is chosen at random while the other players receive a consolation prize according to their participation. The chance of winning is proportional to the player’s activity, the size of his bet as well
as the number of games he has played.


  • number of supported machines – up to 64;
  • number of supported Progressive jackpots – up to 32;
  • number of supported Mystery jackpots – up to 3;
  • triggering by value – one interval;
  • triggering by time – two periods;
  • Bet Limit set up – common for all Mystery jackpots;
  • machine activity time out set up;
  • option – Consolation prize;
  • total deduction value – up to 12% (for Bulgaria – up to 5%);
  • option – advertising video clip;
  • statistics of all jackpot events;
  • supports only PlayMax + and PlayMax HD programs;