The Treasure of Camelot

Key features

  • Reel configuration – 5
  • Payline configuration – up to 15
  • payout percentage: 92%/93%/94%/95%
  • top award: 10 000 bet per line
  • Volatility: 3.5/5
  • bonuses: Scatter Bonus, Bonus Game, Merlin’s Lab Bonus;
  • Jackpot system [ learn more ]
  • Autoplay
  • Double up [ learn more ]
  • SAS 6.01: Accounting, Progressive, Bonusing
  • Game controller: FALCON-900
  • Gaming machines: Phoenix 901, Phoenix 902, Phoenix 907
  • Certificates: BIM: Bulgarian Institute of Metrology

The Treasure of Camelot Gallery

Special symbols


The “Merlin” symbol is a wild and substitutes for all symbols except the “Bonus” one. The “Merlin” symbol substitutes for one “Scatter” symbol on its own position only.


3 or more Scatter symbols in any position on the reels initiates the Scatter game. By choosing one of the symbols the player may win 2 up to 70 times the total bet.

Bonus with 2 levels

Three symbols of “Camelot”, on any position on the last 3 reels initiates the BONUS GAME. The player has up to 4 attempts to choose one of the characters: Arthur, Guinevere or Lancelot. The player may win a gemstone or a golden key. The maximum BONUS GAME win is up to 26 times the total bet. If the prize is a gemstone, the player may accept or reject it.

A golden key from the chest, initiates the MERLIN’S LAB BONUS. The player chooses consequently one book from each shelf. The symbol “Arrow” takes the player to the next shelf. The “Morgana” symbol ends the game with the currently accumulated win. If the player successfully passes the last shelf, he reaches the Treasure of Camelot. The maximum MERLIN’S LAB BONUS win is up to 400 times the total bet.